You should noticethat the balance is most sensitive when the

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celine bag cheap Since everyone seems to have lots of pennies and all pennies areabout the same mass, we will use the penny as our standard of mass.(It turns out that the average penny has a mass of about 2.6 gramsand you can convert to grams if you wish but for now, we will simplydetermine mass in “pennies”.) The mass measurement is accomplishedsimply by placing the unknown object in one cup of the Mass Balanceand finding out how many pennies placed on the other side it takes toachieve balance. You should first check the Mass Balance with nothingin either cup to see if it is properly “zeroed”. You should noticethat the balance is most sensitive when the upper paper clip is inthe center hole (in fact it is really too sensitive here) and it willbe less sensitive when you use the higher holes. celine bag cheap

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