James Franco gushed about The Disaster Artist

Then there were the men who largely looked like they do every other year, with the addition of a few Time’s Up buttons, black shirts, and, in the case of Armie Hammer, a faux lapel flower seemingly fashioned from black taffeta. James Franco gushed about The Disaster Artist, Ewan McGregor hinted that he’s hoping to get behind the camera on his next project, and Hammer basically recited a love letter to his Call Me By Your Name castmates. But no one appeared to go especially out of his way to push the Time’s Up agenda.

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Funny thing: most actors won’t admit to wanting an award. If you ask them whether they think they’ll be nominated, most actors will wince actors are a superstitious lot and offer a few innocuous words about how privileged they feel to have worked with this or that director or co star. But most actors aren’t 8 years old.