I did a triathlon

Well, I did it. I completed the See Jane Tri on Sunday. It took me 1:02:53, which placed me at 125th out of 200 and something. Not great, but I finished. So, you know, yay me.

Surprisingly, my best leg was my swim. I came 34th overall and did it in 6:02. Which is funny, because I slowed down for a couple of laps waiting to overtake slower people at the end of the length. Just imagine if I trained more than I did! Or entered an accurate swim time before the race! Turns out growing up with a pool in the backyard put me at an advantage for a triathlon. Who knew?

My bike leg was fun, but I guess I didn do very well 34:44, which had me at 144th. Part of that I put down to the transition on either side. canada goose Ever tried to pull socks up over slightly wet legs? Yeah, not overly easy. Also, when I finished, someone had put her bike in my spot, which meant I couldn find where my bike was supposed to go, and then I had to move her bike to try and hang mine up. All in all, pretty uncool, and probably cost me 30 seconds.

Because I can do anything without creating some kind of havoc, during the bike, I almost took out an old lady. Now, I would think looking to see if any traffic was coming would be a cool thing to do before stepping out into the middle of Broad Street, but that didn seem to be at the top of her list, bless her. It just lucky the brakes on my roomie bike work else there would be one seriously injured old lady hobbling about today. Lesson for everyone in that if you crossing the street through bright orange traffic cones, keep your eye out.

Also, at one point as I cycled down Wascana Drive, I had to contend with an entire pack (wait. herd? No, flock OR IS IT AN ARMY?) of geese crossing the road. You probably don know this about me, but I am terrified of geese. I was chased by a honking great aggressive goose when I was about four years old and have been scarred ever since. There were probably about 500 of the things crossing the road on Sunday, so what did I do? I rode through the middle, with my eyes closed, yelling GOD I HATE GEESE I HATE GEESE OH GOD I HATE GEESE. I didn hit any of them, nor did any of them chase me. Ha. I win that round, geese.

Unsurprisingly, my least favourite leg was the run and when I say I mean I finished in 22:09, partly spurred on by the amazing bagpiping that started to one side of the course. Who were those people? Amazing. I must admit, I started getting a little loopy on the last lap. At least, I assuming the tree trunks weren actually twisting as though I was running through an enchanted forest. Hard to say for sure, though, because it looked pretty damn real to me.

Now, I may not have been the fastest, but I like to think I had the best finish. There video of it floating around Facebook somewhere, but basically I sprinted the final 20 metres, then leapt into the air across the finish line. Just like a gazelle. No, really, just like a gazelle. Shut up, yes I was. Whatever, dude. You didn see me (or maybe you did, and that why you snickering at that comparison).

What really got me was the awesome attitude of all the competitors. Before it all kicked off, everyone stood around in their pink bathing caps, sharing stories of training (or the lack thereof), whether they done a triathlon before, how they felt about swimming, the nerves, theexcitement. When I first arrived in the morning I felt really out of place because I didn know anyone and I felt like the least sporty type person there. But by the end, I felt like I was really a part of something awesome. Everyonehelped each other along, offering support as they passed. Also all the supporters who turned out to cheer on family members and friends? You guys are kickarse. So are all you volunteers. Thumbs up.

SHOUTOUT: My final shoutout for this series goes to everyone who supported me through thisendeavour. www.canadagoose2014.top/ Thanks to those who made a donation to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation by sponsoring me in the race (Jason, Jeff, Rob M, Marlon, Nick, my parents, Stef and Cass, Sir Richard and Captain Thomas, Rob V, Barb, Janet and Rachel) and to the motley crew who turned up to cheer for me from the sidelines: Ameya, Amanda, Greg and Collette (with the most amazing sign there fluro pink with black lettering? So rad). Also to my awesome husband, Juris, who encouraged me with my training, put up with me when I whined, and yelled himself hoarse from the sidelines as he cheered with a big, blue, foam NY Mets finger.