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24 year old Ellie Williams of London recently set up a camera on a tripod at Windermere lake in hopes of capturing some of the park’s wildlife. It wasn’t until later, when Williams, looked through the photographs, that she noticed something strange in the water.

Williams isn’t convinced that the figure was Nessie, and said it very well could have been a swan or a goose. “When I reviewed all the images I thought it might have been a swan or a goose, as I was looking at the image on my smartphone,” Williams told The Mirror.

“I’m open to suggestions as to what the creature could be I’m just glad I put the camera in the right place at the right time,” she added.

This is not the first sighting of something in Windermere. There have been other sightings of a monster, dubbed Bownessie, throughout the years, with the first being in 2006. This monster is said to be a snake like creature with humps that moves through the water.

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Bound quarto volume. ?C19 bookplate of John Cosens. A professionally written collection, in one hand, of songs and satires of the early post Revolution period. The inverted leaves at items 63 64.1 (fols 141 4) indicate that the volume was written in separate sheets which were then bound together. There is a strong tendency to begin poems on a new page and leave the rest blank after ends. Headings elaborately laid out with no sense of a wish to conserve paper. ff. ir viii, x are blank. Folio ix contining the following is a tipped in sheet. This is an easy to read MS in a professional hand.wholesale jerseys from china Note familiar bold wavy line with upturned/downturned ends following titles and last lines. Works in common with Yo11, Yo70.

I am not at all well read in the rubbish of the Restoration or of the Revolution therefore can give no opinion that is worth having upon this Vol.; which, however, contains much that is to be found in the 4 vols of “State Poems” printed between 1688 1704, with their indecencies.

Some small pieces by Dryden, such as the “Song in the person of Lord Salisbury then in the Tower” may be, I think are, new; and so, possibly his self vindicatory Letter. on the Downs, came off with a scratched finger. I am aware of no Life of Durfey: it might make an amusing book.

moves HC bench for CBI probe into Dawood call list

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By now, Finance Minister Kevin Doherty must be up to his neck in ideas, suggestions and proposals for change.

Doherty himself floated a few trial balloons during his pre budget news conference with reporters last week.

Why do both Saskatchewan universities have education, engineering and nursing faculties? Why are social programs stacked on top of each other like cord wood, rather than replaced by new, improved programs? Why do we need 12 health districts for a population of 1.1 million people?

What Doherty is looking for are ways our tax dollars can be spent more efficiently, with less waste and duplication, both directly by government ministries and indirectly by third parties, which receive all or part of their funding from government.

While it took a larger than expected deficit to trigger it, a regular cull of government programs, third party grants and tax expenditures can be a useful exercise, if conducted fairly with malice toward none.

But some of Doherty budget choices cutting the aboriginal courtworker program, closing the Buffalo Narrows correctional facility, reduced funding for training programs and axing funding for five urban parks betray some blinkered thinking on the part of the minister and his finance staff.

all depends on whose ox is being gored is an old biblical expression that in the modern context means that people will view spending cuts differently depending on whether they at the receiving end of them or not.

I would suggest that Doherty needs to go out of his way to ensure that change is goring everyone oxen equally urban and rural, aboriginal and non aboriginal, rich and poor so as not to be seen to be picking and losers.

So where should Doherty look for savings? Provincial auditor Judy Ferguson noted recently that the fuel tax exemption for farmers annually costs the provincial treasury $120 million. Since 2010, the cost of exempt fuel has ballooned by $22.5 million. problem is, it never been defined as to why we need this program, Ferguson said.

We are frequently told that farming is a business in fact, a big business that is quite capable of growing, managing and marketing its own production. Why does an established industry that employs 50,000 residents and accounts for $3.5 billion to $4.0 billion in real GDP annually, need a $120 million a year fuel subsidy?

Doherty has indicated he wants to look at Saskatchewan 28 school boards and 12 health districts with an eye to some cost savings.http://www.cheapnfljerseysonlinef.top With health districts receiving $3.4 billion a year (out of total health budget of $5.17 billion), there may well be savings from trimming back the number of health districts and their well paid CEOs and senior staff.

On the other hand, I not sure there are significant savings to be had by reducing the number of school boards, which also serve to provide public input and representation into the direction and implementation of education policy at the school level.

But why stop there? While we at it, why don we take a long, hard look at the number of rural municipalities we have in Saskatchewan? A 2000 Task Force on Municipal Legislative Renewal recommended that the province 1,006 local governments, including 297 RMs, be rolled into 125 municipal districts.

Not surprisingly, that proposal took off like a lead balloon, especially with the fledgling, rural based Saskatchewan Party nipping at the heels of the long in the tooth, urban based NDP government.

But it hard to believe that a province where more than 80 per cent of the population lives in urban areas needs close to 300 RMs to administer the needs of roughly 220,000 residents, or less than 750 people per RM on average.

Another suggestion to reduce government waste and duplication comes from our own Leader Post editorial page, which noted on Thursday that Saskatchewan recently expanded Legislative Assembly of 61 MLAs (an increase of three) translates to one MLA per 18,700 people. Manitoba 57 MLAs represent a population 161,000 larger than Saskatchewan while Alberta with 87 MLAs has 48,600 citizens per representative.

By reducing the assembly to, say 50 MLAs, Saskatchewan would have 22,850 citizens per MLA, roughly the same as Manitoba. The savings? $2.5 million.

Chicken feed, you say? Maybe, but this government needs to look for cost savings in its own backyard, even on the farmsteads of its rural base. After all, what sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.