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Financing Plan

Sewage Pond

The Government of Indonesia has obtained a loan of US$35.00 million from the ADB to help finance the Project. The loan agreement was signed on 21 September 2010. The loan has a 25-year term, including a grace period of 5 years.

The loan proceeds of $35.00 million will be utilized to finance works and goods for the  proposed program of sewerage infrastructure development (output 2) and consulting  services for project implementation support (output 3). The remainder of the project cost, estimated at $28.25 million, will be financed from the budgetary resources of the Ministry of Public Works ($11.39 million), the provincial governments of North Sumatra and Yogyakarta ($0.49 million), and the cities of Medan and Yogyakarta ($13.53 million). See below.

MSMHP Financing Plan

Source Amount
($ million)
Share of Total (%)
Asian Development Bank 35.00 55.34
National government 14.23 22.49
Provincial governments 0.49 0.78
Regional governments 13.53 21.39
 - Medan 6.03 9.54
 - Yogyakarta 7.50 11.85
Total 63.25 100.00

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