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Project Description

Sewage Pond The Project will include the following Parts:

Part 1: Community Mobilization for Improved Health and Hygiene

This Part consists of two sub-parts:

(a) Community Mobilization and Empowerment for Communal Sanitary Facilities

Under this sub-part, the Project will (i) conduct social marketing and awareness campaigns to eligible community groups; (ii) establish the CIT; (iii) prepare community action plans; (iv) provide training to CIT in administrative procedures; (v) conduct environmental screening of sites; (vi) supervise and monitor CIT activities; and (vii) provide training in O&M.

(b) Construction of Community-Based Sanitation Facilities

Under this sub-part, the Project will construct approximately 280 communal sanitation facilities in Medan and Yogyakarta to include simplified community sewerage systems, communal toilet, washing and bathing units, and communal septic tanks.

Part 2: Infrastructure Development for Sewerage

Under this Part, the Project will (i) rehabilitate and expand existing off-site sanitation systems in Medan and Yogyakarta; (ii) provide approximately 28,000 additional house connections Medan and Yogyakarta; and (iii) construct two decentralized wastewater treatment systems for low-cost housing blocks in Medan. 

Part 3: Project Implementation Support

Under this Part, the Project will provide necessary support to the Project management units in (i) Project management and coordination; (ii) Project performance monitoring; (iii) reporting; (iv) procurement and contracting; (v) construction supervision; and (vi) safeguards compliance.

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